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These ukulele's are a best seller here. Loved by kids and adults, and available in a rainbow of colors. It also comes with a matching gig bag to store it in. Made from Maple. The strings stretch a lot in the beginning, and will require a little more attention to tuning, but after they're broken in, these Ukulele's hold their tune well.


If you don't have a tuner, we recommend the Snark Clip-On Tuner. It clips right onto the Ukulele, pluck the string, and it will tell you which note it's playing, and if it's sharp or flat. Turn the tuner accordingly. Quick, and easy peasy!

Diamond Head Soprano Ukulele with Bag


    All orders must be placed before 4 P.M. PRIOR to the day we go to your school! To learn what day of the week we go to your school, please check the Delivery Dates page.

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