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In Mastering the Guitar Class Method Level 2, students begin with in-depth reviews of the keys of C, G, Am, and Em presented in Volume 1.


Students progress into learning minor 7 and major 7 chords, triplets, swing rhythm, the slide, 6/8 time, 6/8 and 12/8 strums, harmonics, suspended chords, moveable power chords, and the keys of D, F and Dm, as well as, pentatonic scales, improvisation, the hammer-on and pull-off techniques, the Travis fingerpicking style, barre chords, two-part harmony, block chords, fingerpicking in 3/4 time, and fingerpicking solos.


Same as the Level 1 book, you'll find numerous guitar ensemble pieces.


This method meets current MENC national standards for music education. This volume may be used as a follow-up to either edition of Mastering the Guitar Class Method Level 1. 


Original version of book only. No audio or CD included, but available for purchase separately.


Book by William Bay and Mike Christiansen. Published by Mel Bay. Item #MB99618

Mastering the Guitar Class Method Level 2

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