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Mel Bay's Guitar Methods have been created with modern plectrum/flatpick style guitar, and have time-tested and proven successful in building the theoretic and technical foundation needed to play in any style. All grades of this method are written in standard notation to encourage better sight reading.


GRADE 3, Item #MB93202:

Students will begins with the key of A major and immediately introduces right-hand accompaniment concepts before moving on to the relative minor key of F#. Notes in the first position on the first four strings are reviewed before approaching scales, chords and etudes in keys of B-flat major/G minor, E-flat major/C minor, and A-flat major/F minor. Students will move right into theory lessons regarding intervals, harmonized scales, triads, expression marks and syncopation plus techniques of glissando, ascending and descending slurs, and tremolo. Original version of book only. No audio or CD included, but available for purchase separately.

Mel Bay's Guitar Method Grade 3

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