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Schaum's Note Speller By John W. Schaum. Published by Alfred.



This book is in workbook form. 



Lines and Spaces, Note Writing from Number Names, Treble and Bass Clef Lines, Spaces, Spelling and Note Writing, How to Read Sharps, Flats and Naturals, Using Both Clefs, How Stems Are Placed on Notes, Learning and Identifying Time Value Names, How Rests are Named, Correlating Note and Rest Names, Putting in Measure Bar Lines, Inner and Outer Leger Lines, Half Steps and Whole Steps, and Enharmonic Note Writing.



Tonality Spelling of G Major, F Major, D Major, Bb Major, A Major, and Eb Major, Accidentals for the Key of C Major and Other Keys, Ties and Slurs, Inner and Outer Leger Lines, Identifying and Writing Intervals, The Use of Dots, The Double Dot, The Dot after a Note and after a Rest, Identifying Triplets and Triplet Study, Double Sharps and Flats, Identifying and Inserting Time Signatures, Correcting Counting Errors, Measure Completion with Notes and Rests, and Placing Measure Bars.



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Schaum's Note Speller


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