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Rent To Own Infomation

NO Deposit, and NO Credit Check!*

  • *(Excluding: Piccolo, Double French Horn, Bassoon, Bari Sax)

  • For semi-professional Step-Up (advanced) instruments as your first instrument, we require three months down and a credit check.

  • Call our Store for more information


Loaner Instruments and insurance coverage!

  •  All rentals include an insurance policy called LDW (Loss/Damage Waiver) which covers ALL repairs needed on the body of our rented instruments. 

  • Insurance DOES NOT cover accessories such as Mouthpiece, Ligatures, MPC caps, End Plugs, Straps, Strings, ETC. 

  • Loaners are provided while your instrument is being repaired *(The account must be up to date to be eligible for a loaner). Parents MUST call the day BEFORE your school's designated delivery day to schedule a loaner in advance!! To identify which day we visit your school, click here                           

  • Loaner instruments are ONLY offered through school delivery. If rental repairs are brought into our store, a loaner will NOT be granted. 

  • An instrument that is lost or stolen (with a police report) will be replaced for NO extra fee. Your monthly payments WILL adjust according to the new instrument value. 


Exchanges and Upgrades!

  •  Any student-line instrument may be exchanged at any point for any other student-line instrument and up to 12 months of equity will transfer.

  •  All student-line instruments can upgrade to a New or Semi-Professional (Step-Up) Instrument, and your full equity will transfer over.

  • All exchanges must be approved by your student’s Band/Orchestra director.

  • Please call our store for more details on how to get set up with Exchanges or Upgrades


Return At Anytime!

  •  NO cancellation fees

  •  Payment obligation stops ONLY when you DROP-OFF instrument at our store location

  •  All instruments are REQUIRED to be returned to our store location  

  • Or call Veritas at 1-800-578-9724 to request a shipping return box for your rental

Pay-Off Early and get a Discount!

  • Get a 20-30% discount off your remaining balance (based on instrument)

  •  Must  call Veritas at 1-800-578-9724

  •  Paying off an instrument terminates the LDW (Lost/Damage Waiver) which means all repairs and replacements will be paid for by the parent/legal guardian.

Still have questions regarding our Rent To Own program? Give us a call at 407-897-7080

To get started, please select the school level your student attends below!
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